Puppet Design Services

Ramdas Padhye as Puppet Designer & Puppet Maker

In his exclusive Puppet-Studio, Ramdas Padhye creates, designs and makes puppets for different uses and application for national and international clients. Because Ramdas himself is an engineer, it is an experience to see how very superbly technique and art coincide in his studio.

He has so far exported puppets to different countries like U.S.A., U.K., New Zealand etc. and his puppets are being used by many ventriloquists and puppeteers across the globe. Ramdas Padhye has been into this field of Puppet Making for last 40 years. Mr Padhye’s Puppet Studio gives birth to different puppets, muppets, masks, latex puppets, foam puppets, marionettes, animatronic puppets and all sorts of talking objects. We have a collection of more than 2000 puppets.

Our Puppet Making Process

We specialize in "CUSTOM-MADE PUPPETS".We design the puppets as per each & every clients` requirements.This brings versatility in every puppet we make. We use various materials like latex, foam, paper-mache etc. depending upon the use of the character. Our process of designing the puppets is a fun experience as we take care of every requirement of the performer.

We can aid in the design process, build from your design or duplicate any existing piece. You just have to share a reference picture or draw it yourself and from thereon we can create anything. We have extensive knowledge and experience with all types, styles and sizes of puppets including basic hand held puppets, marionettes, shadow-style puppets, rod puppets, black light designs and bunrakus, just to name a few. You will love working with us. For more details, please e-mail us at ramdaspadhye@gmail.com

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Foam & Fleece Puppets

Our Puppet Studio designs Foam & Fleece Puppets including fabrication and designing custom wardrobe and accessories/props for the character.

Foam Puppets



Foam Latex Puppets:

When there is a need to design any celebrity puppet or a look alike puppet or anything which has to look very realistic then we use foam latex. This material gives a degree of realism unmatched by any other medium. In this process of creating puppets, we make a sculpture of clay as per the reference provided and get the approval from the client, post which there is molding, casting in foam latex and working on the mechanisms and movements.


Realistic looking fish is first sculpted in claywork and then there is foam latex cast with painting


These Celebrity Puppets for Zoom Channel are first sculpted in claywork, then painted and then the internal mechanism is fixed giving different facial expressions like eye movement, eye-lid movement, mouth movement, eye-brow movement.

Animatronic Puppets

We also design animatronic or radio controlled puppets. Animatronics is a technology employing electronics to animate motorized puppets. We can add animatronic movements to any puppet whether it is a foam puppet or a latex puppets. This technique is suitable for advertisements, television & feature films.


Ventriloquist Dummies:

We design ventriloquist dummies, one of the most intricate puppets with highly specialized and complex mechanisms. All our dummies are designed in paper-mache. We have offer several movements in ventriloquist dummies like eye-lid movement, eye-brow movement, side-to-side eye movement, eye-wink movement, mouth movement, head turning movement and hand movement.


Mascot Designing/ Walkaround Costumes:

We also design mascots as per the design provided by you. Make your mascot or your brand alive by designing either a puppet or a walkaround costume puppet. We can create your mascot in any numbers you desire.


Mascots or Walkaround Costume Puppets were designed for Kelloggs India




Designing Mascot for Fit Kids Education & Training Pvt. Ltd, a company providing sports and health education to children


One of the most challenging puppets for any puppet-maker is designing the marionettes as the puppet-maker has to ensure the balance of the puppet when stringing the marionette as well as making sure different movements can be made. We have designed marionettes for any ad-films, for puppeteers and for short films. We can design the marionette either in paper-mache or latex or foam as per the design provided by you.