International Projects

Ramdas Padhye and his team has worked on many international television projects, ad-films, short films where Ramdas has custom designed several puppets specially for them as well as executed the projects with his team of skilled puppeteers.

BBC Channel Four AD-Film

Ramdas Padhye specially designed these Shadow Puppets for BBC’s Channel Four for their India-England Cricket Match Series Promo.

Holland T.V. Commercial

Ramdas Padhye was roped in by Europe’s leading Ad-Agency “Alfred” to do a commercial for Holland T.V.Channel.The Ad-film was shot extensively for 4 days at various locations in Jaipur and Goa. It was a cookie commercial and the name of the product was “Sultana Cookies”.Holland’s leading model “Renske van der Sluis worked with the puppet.The puppet was operated by Ramdas Padhye and his son Satyajit. The Ad-film was directed by Holland’s leading Ad-filmmaker whose production house “In Case of Fire” has done various commercials around the world.

Thus Ramdas not only design puppets, but truly gives birth to several characters which are itched in the minds of people.

Singapore Television

Ramdas Padhye and his team did a children’s show for a television channel in Singapore which combined entertainment and education. More than 50 puppets were exclusively designed by Ramdas Padhye’s Puppet Studio.

Children’s Television Show for Cambodian T.V. Network

Ramdas Padhye designed these puppets exclusively for a Children’s show on Cambodian television network. The company Kidexpress Cambodia produced this show.

Celebrity Puppets designed for International Clients

Puppet of legendary Singer Frank Sinatra designed for an American Ventriloquist

Puppet of George W Bush designed for an American Ventriloquist


Marilyn Monroe Puppet designed by Ramdas Padhye for a puppeteer

Ramdas designed the puppet of Barack Obama in 2008 during the election campaign.

Ramdas performing a special act with Barack Obama & Narendra Modi Puppet during the former’s visit in India in 2014.


Celebrity Puppets designed for African television network


Celebrity Puppets designed for Other television networks