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Ramdas Padhye  has been doing this art of Ventriloquism and Puppetry for last 40 years.He has performed more than 9000 shows all over the world.His puppets have also been used by various corporates like Walt Disney, Siemens, Wizcraft, Kelloggs.Here are the Videos of his work.


Video 1 : Profile of Our Work - 1
Video 2 : Profile of Our Work - 2


Video 3: Aamir Khan learns Ventriloquism from Ramdas Padhye
Video 4: Aamir Khan's Ventriloquist AD for Tata Sky

Video 5: Ramdas Padhye Show(Hindi & English)
Video 6: Learn Puppetry and Ventriloquism from Ramdas Padhye
Video 7: Special Apperance in Kedar Shinde's new Film "Iraada Pakka"
Video 8: Ramdas Padhye Show(Marathi)- Showreel
Video 9: Zapatlela - Puppet Film
Video 10: Puppets in Advertisements
Video 11:Satyajit Padhye Performs in India's Got Talent
Video 12: Celebrity Puppets
Video 13: Satyajit Padhye on KBC with Mr.Amitabh Bachchan
Video 14: Fantasia Fantastique

Ramdas Padhye
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