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Aamir Khan learns Ventriloquism from Ramdas Padhye for Tata Sky AD

We all know that Aamir Khan is a perfectionist. Whether it is a film or an ad-film Aamir likes to get into the skin of the character. And this time there is no exception to this rule. He is now playing a Ventriloquist in his new ad-film for Tata Sky. And he took the help of India’s legendary Ventriloquist, Puppeteer and Puppet-Maker Ramdas Padhye who has taken India’s name on a Global level in Puppetry and Ventriloquism.

Speaking more on this, Ramdas Padhye said “It was a great experience working with Aamir. When I got a call from the agency that the ad-film was with Aamir I was naturally very excited.But when I met him first he was equally excited.This is because he use to watch my shows in his school days. It was like a nostalgia for him.He perfectly remembered my show on Doordharshan. He told me that he use to write the timing of my shows in his school notebook and watch it without missing any episode.He also told me that he wanted to see the famous puppet “Ardhavatrao” which I use to regularly perform with.” Aamir wanted to learn the nuances of Ventriloquism from him.He actually asked Mr. Padhye the steps as to how to perform.But ventriloquism being a difficult art, cannot be mastered in a day or two.So Ramdas actually operated the puppet while Aamir just imitated as a Ventriloquist.But Aamir being a perfectionist asked Mr.Padhye to give one puppet for practice.Mr.Padhye also gave him his book called “Inner Voice – A World of Ventriloquism in India and abroad” so that he could actually understand the technique.

Mr.Padhye said “A Ventriloquist has to be an actor.And Aamir is a fantastic actor. In Ventriloquism, there needs to be a great rapport between the puppet and the ventriloquist.The action and reaction is very important.Also when the puppet is actually speaking, the ventriloquist’s mouth position is very unique.That look is peculiar when the ventriloquist is speaking in the puppet’s voice.Aamir perfectly captured that look.I think this was the most challenging part.This was the real essence of ventriloquism because although I was operating the puppet from below sitting inside the table, the audience should always feel that Aamir is operating the puppet and is actually doing ventriloquism. So me and my son Satyajit Padhye explained him basic techniques of ventriloquism which he perfectly mastered.” As we all know Aamir also experiments with different kinds of looks in all his movies and ad-films. So in this ad-film also he chose Ramdas Padhye’s popular look of 1970’s.He wanted people to immediately recognize that he is playing a ventriloquist.



Ramdas Padhye has used this medium of puppetry & ventriloquism effectively on the small screen. He has performed hundreds of shows on Bombay Doordharshan.Since 1972 he has been performing regularly on T.V. & on several satellite   channels. Television has made his shows popular in millions of Indian homes. Recently he is working on two puppet serials for two leading satellite channels of India. This puppet medium was not only used in t.v., but also in music videos. The hit music video "Maine Payal Hai Chhankai" sung by "Falguni Pathak" & produced by Universal used his puppets extensively for first time in India.These puppets were specially crafted by him & operated by team of three trained puppeteers.  


Ramdas Padhye's Collection Puppets used in Falguni Pathak's popular music video album :
" Maine Payal Hai Chhankai"

  Celebrity Puppet Show "Juicy Pammi" on ZOOM Channel

Ramdas Padhye and his team of trained puppeteers are behind this new show "Juicy Pammi" on India's leading Lifestyle channel "ZOOM".The puppets are designed and created in Ramdas Padhye's "Puppet Studio".The show features India's various Celebrity Puppets.The Lead Puppeteers behind the show are Ramdas Padhye, wife Aparna and son Satyajit.To know more about the show please email us at ramdas@vpuppets.com

Video of the Show on Juicy Pammi on ZOOM Channel
Video of the Show on Juicy Pammi on ZOOM Channel

Celebrity Puppets for Libyan T.V.Network

Ramdas Padhye has designed puppets of different Celebrities for Libyan T.V.Network.These puppets are designed in Ramdas Padhye's "Puppet Studio".Each and every puppet is hand crafted with different movements like Eye-Lid Movement, Mouth Movement and Hand Movements.For any Custom Made Puppets for any T.V. Show email us at ramdas@vpuppets.com

Puppet-Masks for Cricket World Cup 2011

Ramdas Padhye has designed Puppet-Masks of Different Cricketeers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ricky Pointing, Shahid Afridi etc during the Cricket World Cup 2011. These Puppet-Masks are designed and created in Ramdas Padhye's "Puppet Studio".For any Custom made Puppets please email us at ramdas@vpuppets.com

Celebrity Puppets for T.V.9 Hyderabad 

Ramdas Padhye has designed puppets of Indian Policians like Sonia Gandhi, Chandrababu Naidu, Rosaiah, Chiranjeevi for a political satire show on "T.V 9 Channel, Hyderabad". The puppets are designed and created in Ramdas Padhye's "Puppet Studio".The show features India's various Celebrity and Politician Puppets.For any Custom made Puppets please email us at ramdas@vpuppets.com

Puppets for Kamal Hassan's Film"Unnaipol Oruvan" Remake of Film "A Wednesday”

When it comes to designing Custom Made Puppets, Ramdas Padhye is the only person in India who designs puppets as per the requirement of the client. Hence Actor Kamal Hassan roped in Ramdas Padhye to design puppets for his film "Unnaipol Oruvan–Kamal Haasan’s remake of the superhit Hindi Film "A Wednesday” The puppets are designed and created in Ramdas Padhye's "Puppet Studio".These puppets werer operated by Ramdas Padhye and his two sons Satyajit and Parikshit during a special sequence in the film featuring these celebrity puppets.For any Custom made Puppets please email us at ramdas@vpuppets.com


Puppets of Famous Personalities of India
Ramdas Padhye & Director Mahesh Kothare on the sets of "Kaun Ho Tum" for Hungama T.V., a new children channel from UTV


Ramdas Padhye's Puppet "Misha" for popular serial "Misha" on  Zee Marathi Channel directed by Mr.Kedar Shinde


 Celebrity Puppets for Promos of "Jodee Kamaal Ki" on Star Plus designed by Ramdas Padhye


Ramdas Padhye,wife Aparna along with  Satyajit & Parikshit.

Parikshit & Satyajit with Talking Birthday Cake

Walt Disney Television Pvt Ltd has  roped in Mr. Ramdas Padhye to make the puppets for their new show "Playhouse Disney".The Disney Channel was launched in India.The puppets were designed & operated by him & his team of puppeteers.


Another popular medium having a mass appeal was advertisements.The first advertisement   was for the product "Lijjat Papad" which featured a rabbit.This advertisement has been very   popular in India & has made Ramdas a household name in India.It was a great success like the  Jimmy Nelson's Nestle Ad in U.S. After this ad, he has successfully used this medium of  puppetry in several ad's.

"Lijjat Papad" Ad featuring his bunny made Ramdas a household name in India.

Ramdas Padhye & his puppet Tom the Terrific endorsing for "Krackjack Commercial" "Annapurna Salt" Commercial featuring the 30 Hi-Tech Marionettes specially designed & operated by Ramdas & his 15 trained puppeteers
Ramdas Padhye's Puppets in Different Advertisements
Famous Lijjat Papad Advertisement


This puppetry medium has also been used effectively in various films.After seeing the show of  Mr. Padhye  at one of the Filmfare Awards Function superstar of India Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was so impressed that he used his puppet in the film "MAHAN"(1981).This was followed by several films in different Indian languages like  Marathi,Telgu along with great stars of Indian Film Industry.This includes a super hit Marathi film "Zapatlela"(Haunted)  directed by Mahesh Kothare which used his puppet as a central character & which broke all records at the box office.

Ramdas Padhye along with superstar of India, "Amitabh Bachchan" during the shooting of film "Mahan" Ramdas Padhye's Puppet "Rangeela" used in the Hindi  film "Dil Hai Tumhaara" starring Jimmy Shergill & Preity Zinta directed by Kundan Shah


 Puppet from the film "Zapatlela" directed by Mahesh Kothare which broke all records at the box office

Ramdas Padhye along with Mahesh Kothare and Laxmikant Berde
Ramdas Padhye along with wife Aparna and entire team of the film





Puppet from film "Ammo Bomma" the Telgu version of "Zapatela" created by Ramdas Padhye


Ramdas & wife Aparna along with Traditional Indian Shadow puppets in its modern form, for the promos of India-England Cricket match specially aired on BBC's Channel Four    Ramdas along with wife Aparna for special interview on NBC channel.


Ramdas Padhye has finished shooting for a children's T.V. series for which 100 puppets were designed.He and his team of 20 puppeteers worked on the project.The T.V. show will be for pre-schoolers and will be telecasted on Singapore T.V 12.


Indian Puppets on Cambodian T.V Network

The above puppets have been designed by Ramdas for Cambodian T.V. network. Puppets have been designed for an educational puppet show targeted at pre-schoolers.The leading company from Cambodia “KidExpress Inc.”, which is a leading production company specializing in kids entertainment, has commissioned him to create puppets.The show is an social educational programme for Cambodian kids  under 5 years old & family.The object of the show is to engage the imagination of young minds.


Ramdas Padhye has not only been presenting his shows in India, but has travelled & presented his shows almost in all the countries of the world. He is the first Indian Ventriloquist to perform Ventriloquism  and Puppet  based shows on :

. CBS TV channel of USA in 1972.

. CTV in Canada in 1972.

. RTV in Hongkong and Army Channel TV in Thailand , 1974.

. Singapore TV and Radio in 1976.

. Featuring  in "Real People" show on NBS TV in the USA in 1979. 

. Oman TV and Radio in 1985.

He was invited in 1992 & 2002 at the Vent Haven Convention, Cincinnati, U.S.A. to perform his show.Thus he became the only Indian Ventriloquist to be so honored.He also performed his show at Harrah's Casino, Las Vegas during the Vegas Ventriloquist Festival in 2001.He along with his son Satyajit represented their country "INDIA" at Japan Ventriloquist Festival held in Nov.2002 at Tokyo. His first English Book on Ventriloquism called "Inner Voice" was inaugurated at Vent Haven Convention,2002 in Cincinnati.This is the first fully researched Indian book on ventriloquism.

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