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      Ramdas Padhye - Puppet Designer and Puppet Maker

In his exclusive Puppet-Making Workshop, Ramdas Padhye creates, designs and makes puppets for different uses and application for national and international clients. Being an Engineer by education, puppet-making was not at all difficult for him. He has so far exported puppets to different countries like U.S.A., U.K., New Zealand etc. and his puppets are being used by many ventriloquists and puppeteers across the globe. He has also made professional quality puppets for various product launches & events. Leading multinational, "Kelloggs India" chose him to make puppets for their products.

Kellogs CHOCO's

Kellogs Frosties

He usually specialises in "CUSTOM-MADE PUPPETS".He designs the puppets as per each & every clients` requirements.This brings versatility in every puppet he makes. He uses various materials like  latex, foam, paper-mache etc. We can aid in the design process, build from your design or duplicate any existing piece. We have extensive knowledge and experience with all types, styles and sizes of puppets including basic hand held puppets, marionettes, shadow-style puppets, rod puppets, black light designs and bunrakus, just to name a few..For more details, please e-mail him at ramdas@vpuppets.com

Ventriloquial Puppets / Vent Figures

Ramdas Padhye with George Bush & Bill Clinton Puppet

Frank Sinatra Vent Figure created by Ramdas Padhye


 Ramdas Padhye along with Marilyn Monroe Puppet created in his "Puppet Studio"

Animatronics Puppets

 Ramdas Padhye also specialises in Animatronics or    radio control puppets.

What is Animatronics ?

Animatronics is the technology employing electronics to animate motorized puppets.It is used in theme parks, movies, advertisements.

So if you need any monster or alien or any realistic creature we can create anything and everything for you.

Parade Puppets

Ramdas Padhye has designed this puppet for the ace-chorographer Shiamak Davar combining dance & puppetry for first time in India.The puppet was used in Filmfare awards 2004.The puppet is 20 ft X 30 ft in length & is operated by 10 persons.


Realistic Puppets

Foam Puppets







Other Puppets


For more information on any of the above puppets or any puppet which you have in mind please email us.

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